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“Managing a job from start to finish, the data is there, the information is there, and everyone can access it.”

Mike Lilla, Owner, International Mold Corporation


Track progress.

Real-time status.

Purchased materials, labor entries, and employee expenses are recorded to projects, providing a real-time snapshot of a project's current performance.


View high-level project summaries or dive deep into each line item making up a project for complete transparency.

Data collection.

All employees have access to the system to record their transactions. The data is complied to generate data-driven reports and decisions.


Real-time updates in ShopSync allow you to view the status of a project at any given time. Manage projects with all the data located on one platform to drive higher profit margins.

Manufactured part tracking.

Use the work-log function to track the status of part completion in the manufacturing process. 

Assembly - Manufactured Part Tracking -
Assembly - Labor Entries - CPU.PNG

Labor entries.

Employees have a variety of options to record their time on specific projects. Bar-code scanners at workstations allow for quick entry of time and to check parts in and out of projects.

View drawings.

Shop floor employees can pull up parts drawings as a reference for assembly and can also request additional parts be ordered through the request for parts function.

Assembly - Photos - CPU.PNG


Exceptional Project Management

Never miss a beat with all the information at your fingertips. Project managers can manage all their projects from a few custom screens and share information with their team in real-time.

Gain a new level of insight into your company.
Contact us to learn more about ShopSync.
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