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“We previously used spreadsheets, and now ShopSync has made it a thousand times easier to view an order, understand its status, and answer a question in seconds.”

Dave McKinnie, Purchasing Manager, International Mold Corporation


Receive parts on-time.

Eliminate duplicate data.

ShopSync stores all part information, which results in quick vendor orders.

Track order status.

Receive an acknowledgement from your vendor after ordering parts and track the confirmed date in ShopSync.

Accurate billing.

ShopSync allows for bills from vendors to be entered against specific line items.


ShopSync is a complete purchasing solution, allowing your purchasing agent to order and track parts from vendors, or manage in-house inventory, allocating parts to projects with internal transfers.

Request for parts.

Employees can request parts through ShopSync, allowing the purchasing agent to generate vendor orders or pull parts out of inventory, all while charging parts to specific jobs.

Purchasing - Request for Parts - CPU.png
Purchasing - Reports - CPU.png

Paperless orders.

Purchasing agents can create vendor orders and directly send the order to the vendor through ShopSync. Reports and custom filters allow you to reference previous orders and view the status of current orders.

AP entry.

Enter bills into ShopSync by line item, add attachments for future reference, and export the complete bill to your third party accounting system.

Purchasing - AP Entry - CPU.png


Straightforward Procurement

Vendor orders are stored within ShopSync and tied to a specific project. Therefore when viewing a project, all parts required for that project are listed.

Gain a new level of insight into your company.
Contact us to learn more about ShopSync.
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