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From the very start, ShopSync has been designed in close collaboration with the people that use it, which has resulted in a product that closely meets the user's needs.
Eldon Down, ShopSync Developer and Director of Software Development

Our history.

In 2002, Eldon Down created the Intranet Purchase Order System (IPOS) to serve Eckhart, an industrial manufacturing company in Michigan. The tailored system proved to be essential to business success, and its features continued to evolve over time to better meet the needs of its end users.

The system now connects all manufacturing processes from quote creation to shipping the final product to the customer on one easy to navigate platform. Eckhart renamed IPOS to ShopSync in 2019 and made ShopSync available to small to medium manufacturers across the Midwest.


Eldon Down 
Director of Software Development

Eldon has been in the manufacturing industry for the past 20 years and wrote ShopSync’s first line of code at its inception in 2002. Today, he continues to lead its development and is passionate about delivering a high-quality tool that harnesses real-time information to maximize efficiency.


Annalena Seils
Sr Manager of Enterprise Solutions

​​Annalena has been instrumental in the launch of ShopSync and onboarding new customers. Her extensive workflow knowledge allows her to tailor ShopSync to adapt to your current processes. She enjoys helping employees win back time in their day and improving inter-company collaboration.


Rachel Chard
Enterprise Solutions Manager

Rachel has served small businesses and large enterprises, but now her total focus is sharing ShopSync with manufacturers across the Midwest. She cares about the success of her customers and recognizes the need for great customer service in an innovative industry.

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