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“It just depends on the customer as they like different information, and lucky ShopSync can provide all of the data requested.”

Jacob Garcia, Program Manager, Eckhart - Lansing Operations


Higher profit margins.

Accurate estimates.

Use past data to drive accurate estimates including, labor time, labor cost, material cost, and additional expenses.

Detailed descriptions.

Add photos to quotes to thoroughly display information and provide a higher level of detail to the customer.

High-level summaries.

View a summary of your quotes to gain a high-level view of the total dollar value, anticipated margin, and the breakdown of allocated labor. 


Develop quotes quickly using existing data and know the profitability on a project before you receive the customer order. Display detailed line items with a timeline and send the quote to the customer without clicking outside of ShopSync.

Detailed line items.

The line items on quotes can be detailed out to meet the request of your customer. Note the labor, time, material cost, and other expenses required.

Estimating - Detailed Line Items Again -
Estimating - Paperless Quotes 1 -

Paperless quotes.

Build quotes from standard or customized templates in ShopSync and directly email it to a customer. Create and track revisions for quick reference.


Designate a status for every quote: quoting, open, in review, or lost to track its progress. Specify its priority and probability to convert and prioritize leads.

Estimating - Detailed Line Items - CPU.p


High-Converting Quotes

Timely and detailed quotes convert at a higher rate. Let ShopSync help you drive accurate estimates in a standard form.

Gain a new level of insight into your company.
Contact us to learn more about ShopSync.
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