"My function in the company is different from our project managers, controls engineers, or operations team. ShopSync allows me to customize my screens to show me the data I want to see."

Mal Hulbanni, General Manager, Eckhart - Lansing Operations


Job costing.

View jobs individually.

Every project is assigned an auto-generated project number and name, allowing for easy trace-ability.

Expense breakdown.

Direct material, direct labor, and direct expenses are allocated to each project.

Summarized totals.

Easily summarize one project to view its performance or track the performance of a set of jobs within one screen. 


ShopSync allows employees to manage all aspects of a project at a detailed level while managing profitability from high-level reports.

Custom screens.

Select and remove columns that pertain to your function. The flexibility allows you to save custom screens for a variety of tasks. Toggle between late requested parts or parts received in vendor orders.

Reporting - Custom Screens 1 - CPU.png
Reporting - Reports 1 - CPU.png


ShopSync offers a variety of reports to display a wide range of information. From new customer orders to time clock entries, view information and download it to a variety of platforms (PDF, Excel, CSV) or send it as an email attachment.


Display data at a high-level through dashboards and dive deeper though pre-defined filters such as specific date ranges.

Reporting - Dashboards - CPU.png


Profitability by Project

Become a more customer-focused company with the ability to see everything at a high-level. View customer order totals, invoiced total, and projected invoice total on a monthly and yearly basis.

Gain a new level of insight into your company.
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