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“ShopSync allows me to export Gantt charts and communicate the project timing to my customers.”

Jacob Garcia, Program Manager, Eckhart - Lansing Operations


Convert quotes.

Breakdown line items.

Breakout customer order line items into several different projects for easy trace-ability.

Instant visibility.

When a customer order is received and turned into a project, the projects are visible across the organization.

Real-time data collection.

Collect labor time entries, vendor order updates, invoice status, and timing events, all in one location. 


ShopSync keeps all project information in one location. It is easy to convert customer orders into projects and track progress over time.

Customer orders.

Once you receive a customer order, open up a new project and assign timing, team members, and align the line items for precise invoicing matching the customer order line items.

Projects - Customer Orders - CPU.png
Projects - Track Milestones 1 - CPU.png

Track milestones.

Project timing is updated in real-time as well as labor hours, material expenses, and any required travel expenses. Dive deep into project details at any time to view its real-time status.


The project summary report allows for an overview and current status of part requests, invoices, timing, scheduling, and more, all from one view.

Projects - Reports - CPU.png


Comprehensive Project Tracking

Projects are the core of ShopSync and the base to access any information tied to the project, providing you with a comprehensive view of the performance of your projects. 

Gain a new level of insight into your company.
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