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Other Features


"From day one, using this software, I cannot imagine being in this organization without it.

Mal Hulbanni, General Manager, Eckhart - Lansing Operations



One platform.

Designate one platform for your employees to record their time, view project status, and request time off.


Teach the basic functionality of ShopSync to all employees and dive deeper into its capabilities for different positions.

Data export.

ShopSync can easily export data to a variety of platforms including excel or other third party systems. 


ShopSync connects your processes across the organization from quote creation to shipping the final product to the customer. It also connects employees to the system and other programs for HR and accounting processing.

Time tracking.

ShopSync allows employees to clock-in and out of the building using the punch clock, or enter specific time on projects through the system. All employees will have access to the system to enter their time and request paid time off.

Ohter - Time Tracking - CPU.png
Other - Credit Card Statements 1 - CPU.p

Credit card statements.

Upload credit card statements to ShopSync and assign them to employees. Once completed, route the completed statement for approval through the system.

3rd party integration.

ShopSync plays nicely with the top third party HR and accounting software for small businesses, allowing for easy export to outside programs.

Other - 3rd Party integration - CPU.png


All-encompassing ERP

ShopSync is the ultimate business solution, helping you manage a complex manufacturing environment. Built by manufacturers for manufacturers, ShopSync has the ability to adapt to different processes.

Gain a new level of insight into your company.
Contact us to learn more about ShopSync.
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