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“I use it as much as possible, especially to monitor the number of hours that are going into a project daily.”

Jerry Davis, Project Manager, Eckhart - Warren Operations


Request parts.


Designers can look up parts, and then request parts, signaling for the parts to be ordered.

Consistent data.

All parts are stored in the parts database, ensuring the common data is shared across the organization.

Eliminate duplicate data.

The excel import feature eliminates the need to type in redundant data.


Designers use ShopSync to enter their time spent on specific projects and can request parts to be ordered through a single excel upload.

Parts database.

The parts database stores all parts used on previous projects, allowing for consistency across the organization and easy reference to purchase parts for future projects.

Design - Parts Database - CPU.png
Design - BOM Import - CPU.png

Excel import.

The excel import feature allows for parts listed on a bill of material to be directly uploaded to ShopSync, eliminating the need to manually type part numbers.

Time tracking.

Track time designers spend on a project by comparing estimated vs. actual hours. Update estimated hours as project requirements change.

Design - Time Tracking - CPU.png


Effortless Bill of Material Uploads

The excel import feature eliminates the need to manually type in part numbers through a single BOM upload, saving time for your designers.

Gain a new level of insight into your company.
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