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Mike Lilla

IMC - International Mold Corporation


“Managing a job from start to finish, the data is there, the information is there, and everyone can access it.”

”If you're in any kind of manufacturing where job costing and daily program management of those jobs is required, ShopSync is a perfect, perfect, database solution for your organization. ”


Dave McKinnie

IMC - International Mold Corporation

Purchasing Manager

”The tracking function that ShopSync has, has made my life a thousand times easier. ”


Paul Divozzo

IMC - International Mold Corporation

Shipping & Receiving

”Everything is in one spot and we can actually coordinate with each other off of one platform and it really makes sense. ”


Mal Hulbanni

Eckhart - Lansing Operations

General Manager

”ShopSync improves every aspect of what I do here. It allows me to monitor all of our jobs, all of our quotes, all of our throughput, pretty much any aspect of managing this company, I can do through ShopSync on a quick view screen, day in and day out.”

”ShopSync biggest advantage is traceability, really. It just gives you a specific look at how each job is performing, where it is at, where it is over, under, where people are utilizing their time, where your financial status is, whether that is material cost or labor cost, as well as it allows you to track all the timing on your jobs, to understand if you are ahead of schedule, or behind schedule, or you can easily rearrange priorities within your organization.”


Beth Treppa

Eckhart - Warren Operations

Spares Parts Coordinator

”Everybody uses ShopSync and what I love about that is the fact that we are all using the same system and we are all using the same data, and we all have access to it. ”

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